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SPITSBERGEN - Science Expeditions



On the rugged west coast of Spitsbergen where the Arctic sea meets a lowland surrounded by mountains, water and ice – a group of sailors, hunters and a naturalist from the whaling ship de Visser, went ashore to collect eggs and down on a windy summer day in 1758.

In this group, 28-year-old Anton Rolandsson Martin participated to carry out scientific observations in the Arctic landscape at sea and on land. He was one of the so-called Linnaeus Apostles, who, on behalf of the naturalist Carl Linnaeus and various scientific associations, documented natural and cultural history around the world for a period of 50 years.

At The IK Foundation, we have always had a great interest in the often sacrificing work of the apostles, a work that actually laid the foundation for many of the museums and scientific collections in Europe. Since the 1990s, IK has been involved in a large number of long-term projects surrounding the world of the Linnaeus Apostles, including the global publication of their journals, etc., but also renewed projects where we lift their knowledge into the world of today and the future.

Between 2016 and 2020, IK, together with a large number of other organisations, carried out six field periods, along the route described by Anton Rolandsson Martin in his Spitsbergen Journal. A task that we call THE BRIDGE BUILDER EXPEDITIONS – which is briefly a bridge building linked to the natural sciences, via a wide range of subjects, individuals and organisations – not least between the past, present and possibly future. This project was concentrated on the location where Rolandsson Martin went ashore in July 1758, along the western coastline on Prince Charles Foreland, now Prins Karls Forland.

For a period of 12 months, an autonomous field station – the first of its kind in the world – was established with the name FIELD STATION | NATURAE OBSERVATIO | MARTIN’S EYE. The total work of the station resulted in 2,074,053 observations being carried out over the landscape visited by Rolandsson Martin, 260 years earlier!

These are our stepping stones for the book – a work started by the then 28-year-old Rolandsson Martin, followed up by our projects, to which we will invite you as a reader to experience a place, a biosphere, a landscape history seen in a 360 degrees long term view! Of course, the book will cover more than the nature and culture of the area described above, but we start and focus on this area – an Arctic place with a fascinating story that also leads us to the rest of the extensive Arctic area.

The publication will be printed in an edition of 350 numbered and hand-bound copies filled with the latest scientific knowledge and facts. A beautifully designed and created book with exhaustive details in text sections, maps, diagrams, pictures, artworks, timelines and a large number of fascinating fold-outs.

Read more about the content and co-writers below in this probably the most comprehensive scientific book covering this subject.

The Writer/s

This book is an international collective work with selected writers from leading institutions and organisations, specialising in Arctic Natural & Cultural History.


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Writers: Arne Ardeberg, Kristine Bakke Westergaard, Georg Bangjord, Måns Bergendal, Winfried Dallmann, Julian Dowdeswell, Ian Gjertz, Harald Gjøsæter, Jonas Hagström, Lars Hansen, Viveka Hansen, Ólafur Ingólfsson, Martin Jakobsson, Nina Kirchner, Jan Mangerud, Fridtjof Mehlum, Anders Moberg, Riko Noormets, Grace Shephard, Erki Tammiksaar, et al.
Institutions & Organisations: The IK Foundation, England & EU; Institute of Marine Research, Norway; Lund University, Sweden; Måns Bergendal Watercolours, Sweden; Norwegian Natural History Museum, Norway; The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), Norway; Norwegian Polar Club, Norway; Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway; Norwegian University of Science & Technology, NTNU University Museum, Norway; Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, England; Stockholm University, Sweden; Swedish Natural History Museum, Sweden; The University of Bergen, Norway; University Centre in Svalbard, Svalbard; The University of Iceland, Iceland; The University of Oslo, Norway; University of Tartu, Estonia.
Note: Producing this unique work is a creative, scientific, theoretical and practical process between many participants. If new knowledge and thoughts come up that have value to the book’s content - new co-writers and institutions/organisations can be added to the above lists until April 15, 2023.
Language: English.
Series: Mundus Linnæi No VI (Monograph).
Format: 302 x 205 mm | approx 370 pages (+/-20 pp.) + approx 12 fold-outs. 
Binding: Cloth bound volume, coloured edges, classically elegant sewn headband and one bookmark. Handbound at the well-known bookbinder Majgren's in København, Denmark.
Additional information: Printed in 350 numbered copies only and as free iBook. Richly illustrated, Large fold-outs, Appendixes, Notes & Bibliography, Index and Colophon. Artwork, Printed and Bound in Europe (England, Scotland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark).
Classifications: Archaeology, Arctic research, Art, Astronomy, Atlases & Maps, Bibliographies, Biography, Biology, Costume, Economics (History of), Environment, Exploration & Discovery, Fishing & Hunting, Geography (Spitsbergen & Global), Geology & Palaeontology, History, History of Science, International law, Maritime, Meteorology, Natural History, Oceanography, Photography, Science, Shipping & Ships, Technique & Instruments,Trade & Commerce, Transport and Travel History.
Editorial: Arne Ardeberg & Lars Hansen | Editor-in-chief: Lars Hansen | Editorial Secretary: Viveka Hansen | Subject Editors: (The Chronicle) Viveka Hansen, (Earth Sciences) Martin Jakobsson (Physics) Arne Ardeberg, (Organic) Fridtjof Mehlum & (Naturae Observatio) Lars Hansen.
Artwork | Design | Maps/Charts: Studio IK: Graham Scott, Adam Proctor, Jeff Snoxell et al.
Publication year: Autumn/Winter 2023/2024.
ISBN: 978-1-904145-36-3 (printed book) | ISSN 2397-7302 (iBOOK, digital version) | Legal copies via British Library.




Short introduction.

A brief but detailed description of the work, its background, implementation and scientific mission.

Spitsbergen and Prince Charles Foreland in a wider geographical perspective: 16th century to present day. Including early documentation about whaling, hunting, mapping etc.
The Linnaeus apostle Anton Rolandsson Martin. His life, work and legacy.
The History of Nature Protection.
The Spitsbergen Treaty. Background and as a steering instrument in international law.


The Earth (Earth Sciences)
The Beginning.
Ice age island.

Water (Earth Sciences)
Oceanography, marine geology, cryosphere and climate of Svalbard.

The Sky (Earth Sciences and Physics)
Historical weather data.

Terrestrial invertebrates.

Observing without disturbing. Idea, vision, reports and technical description of the autonomous Field Station | Martin’s Eye.

”Bridge Builder Expedition Spitsbergen” interdisciplinary projects carried out between 2016 and 2020 along the route described by Anton Rolandsson Martin in his Spitsbergen Journal.

Concluding thoughts about the work on the basis of history, natural sciences, actual project work and direct thoughts towards the future to understand Planet Earth.